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Core banking solutions vs pricing and billing solutions

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With the banking sector witnessing exceptional growth over the last few years, the industry has seen the introduction of newer technologies in order to serve the ever-increasing need of its customers. Core banking solution can well be said to be the brainchild of this innovation. Continue reading

Forex scammers and their modus operandi

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As trading in foreign currencies are getting popular by the day, forex trading scams are becoming more common and wider than ever. Forex traders who are beginners are considered to be the biggest prey for these scammers. All this is because the forex market is not regulated. The following are some popular tricks employed by scammers to catch people who are unfamiliar with the forex market unawares. Continue reading

Futures Trading Platform versus Forex Trading Station

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Future Trading Platform and Forex Trading Station are both great investment tools. While the market might be filled with different Future Trading stations with complex strategy forecast and other fancy option, the Forex trade is simpler. Here are some important areas about these two. The Future Trading Platform has been around since late nineties; clearly this is a mature market and the software developed for this can be obtained from many sources and sites. This is complex market to start with; the commodities here include everything from gold, silver, gas, e-share, currencies, and even the grains. The investment in any sector or commodity is quite easy in real time. Continue reading